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Back in 2019, a group of us took a trip to New Orleans to celebrate a 40th birthday during Mardis Gras. We came home with a brewery in Tarpon Springs, Florida.


While there, we stayed at an old French Quarter Firehouse and officially signed on for what would become Unrefined Brewing at the Avenue Pub. Have you tried our Russian Imperial Stout with Coffee and Chicory, 1732 St Charles Ave? That is our tribute to this trip.


Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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312 E Tarpon Front - Day.jpg

From The Brewer

We see brewing as more of a cooking experience with a longer wait, several weeks or more, until you finally get to experience what you created.


At Unrefined Brewing the goal is to develop and brew our beer with only the finest available ingredients. While not always the most economical route, it is our belief that this delivers the most ideal flavor profile for our beers.


In the past, we have tried supplementing ingredients with extracts, but the desired flavor profile does not come through and the taste ends up “chemically” or just “off” in general. By going with natural ingredients, while we will be limited with some of our releases by the seasonality of the ingredients, this will ensure each of our customers the absolute best possible beer drinking experience.


Some breweries focus on consistency, we strive towards excellence. Mother Nature is not always consistent when it comes to taste, summer peaches always taste a little bit better than peaches at other times of the year, for example. With our dedication towards utilizing natural ingredients and the natural seasonality of these ingredients, our separate batches will not be exactly the same, they will be influenced by the time of year, each order of fruit, chocolate or any of the wide variety of other ingredients we utilize to brew our beers.


We believe that this variety is a good thing, and the variations will often be indistinguishable to most. By focusing on small batch brewing, we can focus on the quality of our product, ensuring that we consistently deliver excellence.


--Gordon Scott, Co-Owner and Head Brewer at Unrefined Brewing

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